The poster video posted by Anchor Pradeep, has been posted on social media.

The poster video posted by  Anchor Pradeep,  has been caught in drunk and drive, has been posted on social media.

The star anchor Pradeep's affair with drunk and drive is coming soon. Pradeep did not come in for the counseling, but the reports came as he was absconding. However, Ankur Pradeep has responded to a video. Pradeep, who pleaded guilty, has posted a video posted on the social media. Why he still did not attend police counseling, and Pradeep shares the video with others.

Pradeep said in the video: 'Hello everyone .. I'm your Pradeep Machiraju. Everyone knows what happened at midnight on December 31. Every procedure after that will be followed by law. I am ready to attend police counseling or every procedure after that. But in the meantime I am busy with the shooting of programs and other events that I have pre-commissioned. So some are concerned that I'm not available. It was not easy to attend counseling because it was busy with the shooting.

Some phone calls can be missed due to the phone being ringed. Please tell media friends or audiences. All procedures will follow in accordance with the law. About a video about drunk and drive last year. Yes, unfortunately I got it. What I am telling you is that I do not want anyone else to make a mistake. Everyone thinks me to understand that 'Pradeep's video is viral in social media.

Already last December 31, Drug and Drive checks were available for counseling and Ankur Pradeep did not come. Pradeep Police counseling was not available for the past three days and he was not available for home or office by the police. Pradeep posted a video on Pradeep's social media that he would soon follow the law proposals, saying that Pradeep was out of jail and he was not going to attend the counseling. Pradeep is tested with Pradeep with 178 points and it is possible to take action against RTI law as it is blackfilm contrary to the Supreme Court guidelines for a star anchor.
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