Vice-President YS Jagan's fan warned that the killing of Janasana's President Pawan Kalyan.

Vice-President YS Jagan's fan warned that the killing of Janasana's President Pawan Kalyan would be killing anybody. This fan's name is Teyyagura Venkatareddy.

Pawan Kalyan's Jagan fan warns
Video viral on Facebook is arrested in Guntur
2 killed in murder cases

Jagan's president Pawan Kalyan has been given a furor over the state by warning of a fan of YS Jagan's fiancée. This fan's name is Teyyagura Venkatareddy. He is the accused in two murder cases. Pawan was severely alerted and posted his comments on cellphones and posted on Facebook. There are also abusions and abusive comments.

Pawan Pillodani, Konne kishaka tandamankatunni Jagananan army, compared to Jagan, what's going to kill for or kill anybody, Venkatareddy warned. Pawan Jabardasth is a hyperadi of the program and people are like a god like God, photographs put in the house. If he did, he would make the Pawan army come and make a challenge.

Pawan fans and VCP segments have become so disturbing that it is viral in social media. On Wednesday, Guntur Nallapadu police registered a suamoto case and arrested Venkat Reddy on Wednesday. He is accused in the murder of Srinivasa Rao in Vidyanagar, the murder of Thannir at Vijayakrishna Hotel. He is currently the film director Nivin Reddy, director SV Krishna Reddy Fans All India President.

Police said the raid sheet will be opened on Venkat Reddy. Black CiI K. Srinivasan Rao warned that if someone warns or makes remarks in social media, it will take stringent action. 

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