Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's new movie Agnathavasi' Teaser

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's new movie  Agnathavasi'  Teaser

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's 'Agnathavasi' film does not have to specifically say at any level of estimates. The first look of this film is already made. Two songs are made by Sensation. Keep on doing it. On December 16, the Teaser Release announced that it was announced three days back. Since then, this teaser has been started in social media. Pavan Fans Hungama is not common with hashtags related to this. The teaser is delayed and fans are already planning to take a record of the scenes - Likes. They released the movie unit teaser which understood their eagerness. As expected, this teaser seems to increase tremendous expectations on the film.

When the teaser comes to
"Madhurapuri Sadhana .. Mudda Vadhana ... Madhusudanam" (Asatrintiki Daredi in 'Deva Devan Bhaj' song), teaser started with the background of the song. Starting with Varanasi Seen, action episode, Gang around, comedy at home and Varanasi saints, Pawan appeared in many angles. The teaser of Kirti Suresh, an Immanuela, has also been shown in the role of a cast like a huge cast. Pawan Kalyan is doing some of the actions that are going to come out .. Varma Vandha Varma .. Muralisarma means That's Beauty that Rao Ramesh is the only dialog of this teaser. There is a dialogue spoken by Pawan in this teaser which means 'Oh My God'. The teaser is all over the eyes of the dancer.It is seen in the middle of the Khushboo, Pawan's bag walks and walks to see that the 'unknown name' is different. Fans waiting to see Pawan come in with a powerful dialogue.

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