Hyderabad Metro trains are also going to be promoted for Pawan Kalyan's film. "Agnatavasi '

 Hyderabad Metro trains are also going to be promoted for Pawan Kalyan's film. "Agnatavasi '

The 'Strategy' team is going to adopt a new strategy in branding. As part of the campaign, PowerStar will be launching a new version of Mobiles.

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan became the 'Alarmintavasi' team alert after the release of the movie. In the campaign, the movie is getting ready to hit new holes. Mobile Branding, Flight Branding, Metro Trains Branding is a unit focused on the 'Agnostic'. The cell phone mobile company 'PSP25' for the Pawan is going to bring in new mobile phones. The first installment is to release 50,000 Mobiles. The focus of the recently launched Hyderabad Metro Trains is the 'Agnumantavasi' team. 14 Metro trains are going to be promoted to 'knowledgeable'.

Rajinikanth is going to promote 'Kabali' and 'Agnumantavashi' as well as the new publicity with the flyers branding. The makers are planning to brand 'Agnostavasi' in two flyers from Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad to Hyderabad. The audio launch of 'Amravantavasi' is going to be aired on 'Amravati'. In the campaign, the new tactics with the new 'tactic' will be seen to Sankranti.

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