"Sudhir anchoring .. 10 points gives him at the same time

 "Sudhir   anchoring .. 10  points gives him at the same time

There is a lot of news that still has a love affair between Anchor Rashmi and Sudhir. Rushmi and Sudhir are constantly denying the news, but the rumors do not stop. Recently, Rushmi has participated in a TV show. The host in this show .. asked Rushmie opinion about the male anchors. Rashmi questioned how many marks would be given to Pradeep, Ravi, Chanti, and Sudheer. Pradeep is a hundred and a hundred, and Ravi is 50. Chanthi is his favorite, 60 is given to Rushmi, who has given 10 to Sudhir. Asking the amazed host 10, he said, "My Jan Ke Dushman is that he is not .." Why not love .. angry? The anchor said that it is love. "Sudhir is just now .. doing anchoring .. 100 gives him at the same time .. the eyes will go anywhere."
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