Pawan Kalyan's ex-wife Renu Desai Open heart with RK promo

Renu Desai .. Pawan Kalyan's ex-wife Open heart with RK  promo

 Divorce causes new headaches .. hence the silence.
How do you feel that you have a huge amount of money during the divorce?
Love me when I saw Pawan for the first time
Even a traditional family .. Pawan is confident of believing
The reason for divorce .. a hundred dollars question.
If you want to marry, 'he will cut the man into pieces.'
It seems to be dead without getting married
My Kharma is so tired .. I'm sitting still
Open heart with Arquale actress and director Rayudhaya

Renudesyi .. Pawan Kalyan's ex-wife ... as a model and as a heroine .. I like to be a director. When modeling started, he did not believe in him. 'Nobody is watching him .. How is the model done?' What's wrong? No one has been proposing when modeling. When the first time Pavan was seen, Love was falling in love. He is a traditional family and Pawan is confident of having full confidence in himself. Divorce, do not talk, do not speak like face to face, do not say that between them.

What is the reason for divorce? Raymond is said to have been a hundred dollar question. When the time comes, I will tell you one day and keep that fact in my heart. What causes divorce in his biography book? I can tell you. Now that he does not want to get unnecessary headaches, hence he is silent. "Men are getting married the second time ... why do not women do that?" Was posted on Facebook, and some people recollected it. 'You will cut the man who is married to pieces,' says the first comment on this post.

'If I am married to you today, if I were to marry someone, I would like to post a photo of her with the flowers. I'm not married to Renujaai. Pawan Kalyan's ex-wife is getting married twice a year. That's why I'm not getting married. Nobody comes to me. 'You are a daddy talli .. Do not worry about your relationship.' Sometimes I think I will die without getting married to life, "said Renu Desai.

Renu Desai believes that the divorce issue with Pawan has not done anything to hurt or do something about it. She has done so. Divorce cannot be stopped by any number of days, and hence a day has passed his effort, resulting in divorce. "Pawan Kalyan has not done injustice to Reunutayayi. She gave me a huge amount of money during the divorce. "Asked if he was outside, she said," Are you even saying that? " Reunuchayi says that she thinks that she has already divorced seven years and now is unnecessary. She says that she would start writing her biography while still in old age, and then she would be better off if she was married. Pawan is always angry when he is together? In the second marriage, Bastad Luck said ..? And much more about his personal and film life experiences. She participated in the 'Open Heart With Arke' program conducted by ABN-Andhra Pradesh MD Wemri Radhakrishna. Full details of the program .. at 8.30 pm on your ABN.
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