Raman Gopal Varma, Revathi Varma between fight on his Pawan Kalyan son name Mark Shankar Pawanovich

Raman Gopal Varma,  Revathi Varma between fight on his  Pawan Kalyan son name Mark Shankar Pawanovich

Power star Pawan Kalyan has named his son Mark Shankar Pawanovich. Raman Gopal Varma, who is not aware of any little news about Pawan. As soon as the name of Pawan's son was discovered, he tweeted a little bit. Ravi Varma, daughter of RJV, a great fan of Pawan, did not like the tweet. This has resulted in a war of words between them. Tweeted with examples of history that did not find the same name as history.

Revathi Verma, daughter of RJV, saw it. "The worst post about the name of the son of Pawan Kalyan is not a piece of me. I do not even know a piece of the story. It was posted on social media and I had another tweet on my reply.

"You tweeted ... Pawan Kalyan's proof of the hidden philosophical values that prove to you the power of the truth, the truth is that I like him more than you are .. and you can not love me so much." Tweeted. That is why he liked the whole thing so that he could understand Inner Meaning in the name given to his son. It is indirect that he could not understand why he was not in love with his daughter. 

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