Rajesh Shekhar's Garudaega' movie sunny lion making song

Rajesh Shekhar's   Garudaega' movie  sunny lion making song 

Praveen Sutar is directing Rajesh Shekhar's heroes 'PVV Garudaega'. The action thriller is directed by Raja Shekhar opposite Pooja Kumar, Shraddha Das, and Sunny Leone. The film will be released on November 3, another two days. The promotion of the promotion programs has recently been featured in a film promotion program at a radio station.

As part of the program, Hero Rajasekhar made two songs with Pooja Kumar and Shraddha Das and started playing the song in the movie 'Dio Dio .. Dinkika Dinkaka'. This song is a song that sunny up the same movie. Previously, this song was released and the video was released as the Sunni Super The film promotions are most likely to be mentioned in the song by Dio Deo.  

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