Pawan Kalyan received the 'Global Excellence Award'

Pawan Kalyan received the 'Global Excellence Award' 

Pawan Kalyan received the 'Global Excellence Award' by the actor and Jansena president. He was awarded the India and European Business Forum (EEBF). On Friday, Pawan participated in various activities in London. The Westminster Portugulis House of Parliament was part of the Houses of Parliament in the Parliament House of Lords. Before taking the award, Pawan visited the BR Ambedkar Memorial in London.

Pawan will meet students from different universities in Europe on Saturday. The program will be held at King's Medical College in Westminster Education Center. Pawan's two-day London tour ends with this event.

Pawan is currently playing Trivikram. Fame Suresh, an Immanuel is the heroines. The film is produced by the Hari and Hassini Creations Company. Anirudh Banias are offered. Pawan's 25th project is being investigated for the title 'Agnathavasi'. It is likely that Pawan will be a IT expert.

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