Mahesh Katti wrote the love letter of Colors Swathi. This is the second love letter.

Mahesh Katti wrote the love letter of Colors Swathi. This is the second love letter.

Mahesh's knife in the news of disputes and debates has come up with a new item this time. Heroine wrote to Colors Swatiyar. This is the second love story. Mahesh Swamy's performance in the latest Swathi London Baabulu film has become fidha. What is Swathi?

'Dear Swati,
The love letter that I wrote in my mind is still in my mind. My mind wound up to the point where you were in the wrong role of your talent. But ... I saw the "London Backbone". I saw the kisses of Swadesh as a notorious actress. I saw again the unmatched talent with eyes, lips, laughter, eyebrow knot, eyelids, vulgar smiles, a knuckled neck, and the word pause. I fell in love with sunlight. Swati ... I fell in love with you again.

First compassion. In the moment of knowing that he has been betrayed by the fan who came to the fan of the fan, he can be counted on in the moment of being angry, his passion and the joy of being in no sense. The name of the first one is now yours. When Gandhi is married in the climax, it is a serious love that is not known to be a love story, a lack of boundless love, a desire to be somewhere and why. Suspected. Happiness. Natural shame. The idea of pushing the bid. I know what I want to know. I assure you that I believe you. Look at these smiles with a smile of a stranger .. Hatsaf!

That's why not stop. This is the letter. So this love letter 'ended up. 
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