Anushka New movie 'Bhagamathi' first look November at 6 pm 55 minutes

Anushka  New movie 'Bhagamathi'  first look   November at 6 pm 55 minutes

Anushka is playing the lead role in 'Pazhajamindhdar' fame Ashok's direction, 'Bhagamathi' produced by Yuvi Creations. The film did not get any information so long as it began. With the news coming out of the film to be released to Sankranthi again, talks about 'Bhagat' again started in the Tollywood industry. Producers have not yet announced the release of Sankranthi. But the promotion of the film is being started by the film unit.

The producers of Uwe Creations have made it clear that the 'Bharti' first look will be released on 6th November at 6 pm 55 minutes. After the first release, the film unit has been planning to launch some more promotional activities.
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