superstar Rajinikanth Robo '2.0' audio is going to be released in Dubai on 27th of this month

 superstar Rajinikanth  Robo  '2.0' audio is going to be released in Dubai on 27th of this month 

Shankar's '2.0' audio is going to be released in Dubai on 27th of this month on superstar Rajinikanth and Bollywood star Akshay Kumar in lead roles. '2.0' audio festival celebrated by Oscar-winning AR Rahman music star Lika is making a grandiose arrangement for the world-renowned 7-star hotel Burj Dubai to be very grandiose. Rajinikanth, Shankar, Akshay Kumar, Emyasakshan and Rehman will lead the Burj Hotel at the helicopter from the hotel where they are staying on 26th evening. The film team will meet with the international media there. The next day, the audio ceremony of Highlights was released on 27th of July and the film was released in advance. Aventante ..
 This is the first time the Dubai government has allowed a film audio ceremony at Burj Dubai Park Hotel.
 AR Rahman musical with 125 symphonic artists.
 Rehman Live Composing a song in '2.0'.
 Basin dance team play songs for Rajinikanth - Shankar - Rehman combination.
 12 thousand people will be able to see this celebration freely.
 The big live malls in Dubai are set up with huge LDTE scratches at a cost of Rs.2 crore and the audio ceremony live.
 The King of Dubai will be the chief guest of the event.
 Director Shankar has reportedly requested Kamalhasan to participate in the ceremony. But Kamal, who is busy with politics, will have to wait for the audio function.
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