karthee new movie 'Khaki' theatrical trailer was released on Tuesday at Diwali

karthee new movie 'Khaki'  theatrical trailer was released on Tuesday at Diwali 

The value of life in the power of death and why is not the life of the citizen?' He is the hero of the movie 'Khaki'. The Power of Police is the subtitle. Rakulpreet Singh is the heroine. H. Vinoth is directing. The theatrical trailer was released on Tuesday at Diwali. The trailer was launched in the house of 'East Godavari district of Rameswaram on the National Highway in the house that was not crowded'. 'The police have come to the scene .. they are gone .. who will save the people ..' 'For 25 years as an informer, Sir. Never have you ever seen such a conversation. Karthi said, "If we do not do this in the case now, we can not forgive people," says the film with a new storyline. "We do not do a police job to protect the good from the bad people. The spoofed dialogue is going to be a surprise. Karthi and his team are getting out of the sand .. Chasing scenes are making the film a picnic action entertainer.
Dream Warrior Pictures is producing this movie. Gibran is making notes. 'Khaki' is being screened on the basis of the original incident in 2005. Karthi is going to be an honest police officer.
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