Jansana party office in Hyderabad opened. In the Jubilee Hills.

Jansana party office in Hyderabad opened. In the Jubilee Hills.

Jansana party office in Hyderabad opened. In the Jubilee Hills, you have made changes to the existing old office. Pawan Kalyan's office began on Tuesday between the mobilizers, close relatives, and the Opposition. Each department is examined in the office. Janasana office will be set up in Amravati. Telangana's Janasena activist who is working for the consciousness of the people for the sake of consciousness in the country for two decades to democratize democracy and to come to a clean political system is invited as the chief guest of the program. Pawan Kalyan said ... "I met my first time twelve years ago.

             A unselfish servant. Inspired by Conceram. Society is essential to the heroic heroes. Ask the heroes whether to do anything for bamboos .. Do good to this community, I said well to you. I never forget those words. " Sleeping with Selena was posted on Twitter. Pawan's office was housed in front of the hotties, close friends and fans. Muslim and Christian religious leaders blessed the Jana Sena. Actor Ali was given a copy of the Koran written in Telugu. Trivikram, Suresh Babu, Radhakrishna, Sudhakar Reddy, well-known writer Satyanand along with industrial, commercial, software and education personals attended the function. 
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