Chithu, Samantha, marriage at Goa at 11.52am on Friday night.According to the Hindu tradition

Chithu, Samantha,  marriage at Goa at 11.52am on Friday night.According to the Hindu tradition 

Shimmering chimera. Thalai Bob ... Naga Chaitanya coming to the front of hand. With the blessings of the elders ... God's blessings ... Whenever they were together, both of them were together in marriage at Goa at 11.52am on Friday night. In the presence of close friends ... in the presence of close friends ... with musical instruments ... According to the Hindu tradition Nagachaitanya, Samantha's wedding ceremony was held. According to Christian tradition this evening, the wedding is to be celebrated.

Naga Chaitanya and Samantha, who were familiar with 'Maya Maya Cheaev', read the mantras at the earliest time in 'Manam'. Later, 'Autonagar' ... changed it to their Prem Nagar and gave them both the wishes and the hardships. Just read it yesterday night. We read for the movie 'Manam' ... now for the new life.

A few hours before Friday's wedding, Naga Chaitanya's father and hero Akkineni Nagarjuna posted their family pictures. Samantha shared the photograph of sitting on a bench. The celebrities who attended the wedding shared the photos of the celebration in the social media. You see (readers) what you see in the wedding ceremony - Samantha wedding ceremony! This couple of Vedic mantras are blessed with a hundred years of happy happiness! 

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