Chiranjeevi is the motto for everyone: Geeta Madhuri

Chiranjeevi is the motto for everyone  Geeta Madhuri

Leading singer Geetha Madhuri said that many of the actresses are in the film industry, taking the lead in the life of Dr. Chiranjeevi. She was present at a private rally on Tuesday under the chairmanship of the district Chiranjeevi youth president Hari Hari, who was honored at the Kalyana Mandap in Srinivasa Rao in the city. Chiranjeevi fans are always in the forefront of serving people.

Chiranjeevi fans said that the honor of the lives of many survivors in the classic service like blood donation. Later she was honored with Shalva. The event included Chandu, Shamsher, Kamesh, Sai, Lokesh, Uday, Pasupuluthi Narasimha Rao and others 
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