Bollywood film 'Padmavathi' 'movie trailer arrives .. Amazing Reason!

Bollywood film 'Padmavathi' 'movie trailer arrives .. Amazing Reason!

All the most anticipated Bollywood film 'Padmavathi' Deepika Padukone is acting as the 'Padmavathi' in the film with the famous director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The film is directed by Ranveer Singh as her husband, Chittorgarh Raja Ratan Singh Shahid Kapoor and Villain Sultan Allauddin Khilji. The film was released on Monday afternoon exactly at 13.03 hours.

Bhansali marks the Grand Visualization of the film. Ranveer Singh is the horror of the horror of the trailer and in this film, he will be seen in heroic fighters in Shahid, Deepika Kamini trailer.

There is a reason behind the release of the movie trailer at 13.03 hours. Historically, the Alamuddin Khilji expedition was successful in Chittorgarh in 1303. Khilji who fought for eight months with the Rajput army under the guidance of Guilin Singh Ratnasimha (or Ratan Singh) finally reached the kingdom in 1303. The trailer was released at 13.03 AM to mark the historic event. 

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