Actress's Priyamani recently married About her husband Mustafa cannot type that

 Actress's Priyamani recently married  About her   husband Mustafa  cannot type that 

Veteran actress Priyamani recently married Mustafa Raj. She was married in the presence of very few close friends. Priyamani spoke in an interview the first time she was married. About marriage, her husband shared interesting things about Mustafa.

'For me, we have not yet been married to marital life. Because on the third day of the wedding I went to the shooting. The Mustafa is happy for me to understand this. My husband is not the type that tells me to have a wife sitting at home. Since dating, I'm mutually realistic and realistic. "I saw Mustafa during the Celebrity Cricket League. But it does not love at first sight. We're the first two friends. He liked me as a kid and took care of me. That's why both of us are giving up minds. However, many people are asking why few people have been invited to the wedding. There is a reason for that. Just a few days before our wedding, one of our relatives died. That's why I did not want to do it. '

"Natives have made a lot of comments about marrying a Muslim when telling the media about our love after the engagement. I've got it before. My love for the media is to say .. to share my happiness with the fans. And to make Mustafa marry? Whether or not? I do not have the permission to say. '' In life my husband and his family are important. I do not want anyone in this regard. Even after marriage, I will do movies. He also gave full support. If he does not work in the office, he will come to my shooting sets too, "said Priyamani.
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