Who is the next hero of Shankar?

Who is the next hero of Shankar?

Tamilnadu: What is the next film of star director Shankar? What is going to do with the hero is becoming more of a cinema industry. Shankar films are social elements. It has the most advanced technology. Such audiences are so awesome, thoughtful, and fun to do so that fewer films have become the director of films that are anticipated worldwide.

The latest superstar Rajinikanth's hero is a 2.One picture of Nabhivishti is being launched on the silver celluloid. The film is starring in the Bollywood star Akshay Kumar's role as Emyak Hasan and the film is complete with the exception of a song (except one song). Preparing for a massive worldwide release in January. There are a lot of stories about Shankar's next film on this background.

Ajit Mudalvan-2:
Shankar Visionist Kamal Hassan, Superstar Rajinikanth, Vijay, Vikram, Arjun, Prashant, etc. have done films with many well-known actors. Ajith has not yet made a film. The campaign for the film is going on for a long time. It's not really true. Recently Ajith's Vivekan has been released. He became interested in what's next. Shankar and Ajith will be doing a big role in the film. Mudalvan-2 is going to be a big hit in Shankar's direction.
Kamal Haasan is the heroine of Indian-2
Shankar is planning to make the next film of Kamal Haasan's Indian-2. Actually, Shankar Kamalasan is talking about this. Kamal's recent focus on politics is when he wants to fix the film with him. The Kollywood team talked that Shankar broke his Indian-2 films after he was ready to start a political party.

Allian-2 with Vikram
Another version is that Shankar is ready for Vikram's heroine Allian-2. The promotional campaign for the film is going on for a long time. Vikram is currently busy working on completing sketch and paint stars. Still fresh to Sami-2. The next Shankar direction is that all-2 is likely to be promoted. But in fact, all these are speculative. None of the above-mentioned people responded to this news. Do not condemn. So what is Shankar's next movie yet? 

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