Who is Dhoni ?: Lakshmi Rai

Who is Dhoni ?: Lakshmi Rai

He is respected
That's why we do not go into that detail
This episode should still be put in fullstop
Southwest Lakshmi Rao is going to venture into Bollywood with 'Jerly-2'. Even though her relationship with former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is over for a decade ago, the articles are still in the media.

In 2008, when IPL team Dhoni was captain of Chennai Super Kings .. Lakshmi Rai as the team's ambassador. At the same time, the friendship between the two bore and the love blossom is called. The stories were hugely tuned by the two men. However, the relationship between the two did not last long.

Asked about Dhoni, Lakshmi Rai, who has come up with the latest 'Spotsbay' website, said, 'Who is he?' "This requires a fullstop. This is a long lasting gossip. Now he is happily married. He has children too. Some things are not a workout. Let's go ahead and leave them, "Lakshmi Rai said.

Her indirectly stated that the media was overly focused on their relationship. "People immediately read the stories that I was going to marry him. That's not true. We have created difficulties in creating a hyperlink. That's why I did not talk much about this. Even now we are talking only a little. He is respected. That's why I do not go into that detail, "Lakshmi Rai said.

Lakshmi Rai Hot Hot movie 'Juli-2' is now debated in Bollywood. Interestingly, the censor board of the central censor board (CBFC) is looking forward to being a distributor of Pahlaz Nihalani. Pawlaz is a distributor to a romantic film that has no scarcity in the name of pornography.

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