What clothes should you ask: actor

What clothes should you ask: actor

Mayabazar is the artist
Actor Jayaprakash Reddy
Greatly the Maya Bazaar Festival
Sakshi, Nampally: Actor Jayaprakash Reddy says that the performance of the movie Maya Bhajar is quite natural, but today it is unlikely. Today I went to the shooting and I have no clothes to do this today. Then there was such a situation, but for a few months to do the rehearsals.

Vijaya's Mayabazar Shakti Puri Mahotsava celebrations were held at NTR Auditorium at Nampally Telugu University on Sunday under the auspices of the literary music association. Jayaprakash Reddy, writer Vennelakanthi, music directors Madhavepeddi Suresh and photojournalist S. Gopal Reddy, Natya Kalakarani Shobhana Naidu, Saini Ratu Tanikella Bharani, famous singers Sangeethi Srinivas, Santa Biotech chairman KI Varaprasadareddy, b. Venkataraamareddy, b. Bharathi Reddy attended and analyzed. Jayaprakash Reddy said that there are scenes that are naturally acting nowadays.

Maya Bajar's film is a story of every artist. It would not be as good as a sacred carnival but it was a great way to act as a ghot. The life of each participant is that the Maya Bajar will remain unbearable. During this occasion, a wholesaler, short-lived program under the auspices of Visakha Hummer Club was held

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