There is also my selfishness - Allu Aravind

 'There is also my selfishness - Allu Aravind

"There is also my self-interest in launching a new company called 'V4 Creations', along with our Geeta Arts and Uv Creations and Studio Green. If they are combined with the Youngsters, they will understand how they are thinking. It will be able to make new films from time to time and be updated, "says Allu Arvind. Anil, Vaishnavi Sandhya, Rashmi Gautham, Brahmaji in the lead roles Anchor and actor Prabhakar directed VB 4 creations 'Bunny' Vasu produced 'Nets Nuvvay' trailer in Hyderabad. Allu Arvind said, "Everyone asks what's the reason for starting a new banner. If any producer goes to the cinemas to believe that it is correct, the films stop for a few minutes.

Continuing to make films in line with the changing trend. There are three banners in V4. The fourth is not a banner. Fresh Thoughts and Unique Subjects will be the fourth. " "On November 3, we will release Sinman," said Bunny. "We are going to create a film in Telugu and Tamil," says Gnanavel Raja. "Allu Sirish is directing the film because he is directing it. Sirish prefers to enroll the talent. I am satisfied with making a good film, "said Prabhakar. Actor Sai Kumar, director Maruthi, Vaibhavi, music director Saikarthik, Yuvi Creations Vamsi and Pramod participated.
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