Shankar-Kamal-Dil Raju 'signing to the combo movie Indian movie-2.

Shankar-Kamal-Dil Raju 'signing to the combo movie Indian movie-2.

Good news has been received on the Indian sequel of all time. The sequel will be released after 20 years when the Indian filmmaker is the biggest hit with new technology values. Veteran actor Kamal Haasan, director-cum-director Shankar, is in the top of the Telugu producer's Dilraju combinations. This crazy project has already been signed by director Kamal for director-cum-director Shankar for the Indian movie-2.

Kamal Red Life, which has been criticized for corrupt officials in the government of Tamil Nadu in real life, will also highlight this issue. The movie will have huge expectations for Kamal, who recently gave a hint to Hindus on the political platform, and recently announced that Dil Raju is more interested in politics.

The film is expected to be a big budget film in the Kamal-Dilraju-Shankar combination, which is expected to be a bigger film in the film.

In 1996, Kamal Haasan made his directorial debut in Indian film history, while Kamal Haasan came in director Shankar's combo. Shankar's Indian-born Evergreen hit in the wake of the fight against corruption and outlining the problems in society.
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