I'll be the same samantha after the wedding, together with Nagachaitanya

I'll be the same samantha  after the wedding, together with Nagachaitanya

Samantha has come to marriage art. Soon joining the wedding together with Nagachaitanya. In the meantime, he invites all his friends and celebrates with them all. But Samantha is looking at the same level of a career as it looks at the other side of the wedding. Soon, she is going to start 'with the king's room 2'. In this, she is a soul and she is tearing herself up. It is also starring with Ramcharan in 'Theater'. It is already clear that she will play after the wedding so that she can enjoy her voice on screen for some more years. Ask me what is the most dreary about life after marriage? '' I do not think that changes in my life have changed. Even after the wedding, I'll be the same. Everyone is encouraging even to family members starting from the career. What's more, Before dancing to the film, I had a lot of dreams. But the moment my camera stepped forward, the movie was my world. I can not wait to put the film next to me. " He is very fortunate in terms of career. "The heroes never get any better roles. In such a scenario, I had the opportunity to play a role in several films. What better than me to be, but better than my girls, what kind of luck I can get, "said Samantha.

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