'All of us have become fan of favorites' Sharwanand - Prabhas

'All of us have become fan of favorites' Sharwanand - Prabhas

"Sharva (Sharwanand) is the hero of our house. His attitude is superb. Sharva will become a superstar in the future, "Prabhas said. Varni and Pramod's movie 'Mahanabhavudu' on the banner of Uewi Creations is being directed by Maranu. SKN co-worker. Mehreen is the heroine. Taman composer. The movie will be released on 29th of this pre-release function. Chief Guest Prabhas said, "When the hero of 'Run Raja Run' is going to be the hero, the 'Sharva' film is super.

Let's take him, "Vamsi said. The Shravava Entertainment character never did. With that same Shawwal, 'do the trio. See. If you do not like it, 'he said. We liked that aptitude. All of the fans have gone to the shark. Allude made a hero and said, 'See what you like.' From that day on, I was Shravya Brother. Maruthi is really a doctor. It is not easy to laugh at a man. 'Mahanabhavudu' would like to hit a larger range than the films' Love 'Tha Chitram' and 'Bhale Bale Magadowo'.

Taman has a good song, "he said. Sharvanand said, "I am Mahanabhavudu in this movie, but Prabhas is Mahasabhavudu in real life. He does not say that he is here. To be honest. Prabhas Anna does not know anything except love. Prabhas Anne is when I get my film better than ever. When I run 'Run Raja', 'hit kottampara .. Enjoy they' said. Prabhas First is one of the people who want to come up with the side. Thank you for supporting us all.

Thank you for making a good film. Thank you all for Team ". Maruthi said, "Prabhas came and brought this film up another step. The film was penned by Sarvanand. The Shravava Vision is seen in theaters. We are going to see a new one. In the Bhale Bhale Magadhioy, I was given a double-edition Shawwal for how much Nani's action was. Everyone was dead for the story I wrote. Such concepts rarely come. Everyone wants to watch.

Emotional Movie. I am grateful to Yuvi Creations which are causing a good film. Thank you for the Prabhas. He will always be with him, "he said. "I'm Prabhas. My Last Audio 'Brindavanam' which he launched. From that day onward to the day of entrancing. Maruti Wanna the Best Directors. I have worked very well from my own. Thank you for producers. Producers Vamsi, Pramod and others participated. 
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