Mahesh Babu Spyder Official Theatrical Teaser - Trailer on Aug 2nd at 6pm

Mahesh Babu Spider Official Theatrical Teaser - Trailer:

'Does not this scene be long in the film ... will the audience give thrill? Or not? Mahesh Babu's 'Spider' shooting is the same as 'IMPORTANT IMPOTENT'. For example ... Mahesh is a villain who is doing a villain in Tamil movie, Bharat. The single stunt was filmed for fifteen days.

On a roller coaster running! Imagine riding a roller coaster is harder to find! However, the filmmaker said that Mahesh was very easy and full of cool. This stunt made by Peter Hein Action Choreography will come to climax.

Directed by AR AR Murugadas 'Spider' in action and crime thriller to surprise audiences with such scenes. Envy Prasad is producing the film 'Thagur' Madhu. The last song in this film will be shot from Europe today. On the other hand, Mahesh is busy promoting the campaign. Preparations are being made to release one song in the film. The song 'Boom Boom' will be released tomorrow. The film is composed by Harris Jayaraj.

Watch out about Spyder Movie Updates:

Tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu is playing the lead role in 'Spider'. Star Director Murugadas is planning to release this film in Tamil and Hindi simultaneously. The song 'Boom Boom' was released on Sunday evening as a surprise to Mahesh fans. Thousands of views are posted on YouTube in a few minutes. The entire song will be released on August 2 at 6pm, the teaser said.
Mahesh Babu Spyder Official Theatrical Teaser - Trailer
Rakulpreet Singh is pairing up with Mahesh. S.J. Surya will be seen in the role of villain. Harris Jayaraj has scored the music for the whole film except for a song. The expectation of the movie is on the rise as the campaign is going to cost about 20 crores for a scene that is about 8 minutes long.
The film will be released in September in Telugu and Tamil. Mahesh Fans is awaiting the movie making a video.

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