Venkatesh extends his movie carrier

Venkatesh extends his movie carrier:  We do not know  to this for 30 years. films from more than five years. After seeing the trailer, until the expiry of fifteen dates  that Maruti asked. In another ten years, till  or movies are my son, Arjun, '' he said Venkatesh. Maruti's upcoming film directed film "Babu Bangaram '. The heroine is sick.  presentation suryadevara nagavansi, built pidivi Prasad. Jibran composed songs for the film was released in Hyderabad on Sunday night. Dasari Narayana Rao unveiled the audio CD, the first CD was handed .

Rao then said - '' launches to gold I have said 30 years ago. English star's rise to a producer's son, was 30 years  one venkatesh. Under the auspices of  better without criticism, no producers Venkatesh  successful career was finished. Set the hero of trouble makers. Kashmir 'brahmaputrudu shooting while carrying .. Sound Box hill climb on the shoulder. Discipline, obedience, punctuality, interest, enthusiasm, effort .. Venkatesh all together. Lead us to the same living a dream spell. His success rate is much higher. According to the story, unless acted, not according to the company. 


Venkatesh movie which story n preferably films. Venkine received the Nandi Award for Best Actor. Considering the track or in the company, gave a very good title. Following the success of the film director who becomes a star.  story building trust in the best interest of the producer of films cinababu (Radha).  son Vamsi, pidivi Prasad received good success, '' he said. Raghavendra Rao said, '' We Victory means that the 'Kali Yuga show . 

General hero to his son intadyrus separation, the separation of the producer to  son. Starting off with a positive and negative character 'Kali photographed. The film was released on August 14, did weeks. Now 'launches gold "also will be released in August. Twenty-five weeks, the film also moves, plays, '' he said. Venkatesh said - '' I had the audio to celebrate the love of the fans, for the pleasure of eyes. Who traveled with me from my first film 24 . After the release of this film is the single Prasad Babu gold .. .. you'd call it, "he said.

Maruti said - '' our producer r 'Babu Bangaram 'is well suited for the title. What if you gave it. I made sure that a member of their family suresbabu. Dasari was happy to be released from the hands of Gary. The film would be released on August 12, "he said. Kevivi producers Satyanarayana, suresbabu, 'Gemini' Kiran ',' Dil 'Raju, producer-director Tammareddy Bharadwaj, director bhimaneni Rao, Shiva muppalaneni, Nani, heroine Lavanya Tripathi, Director jibran music, songwriters Ramajogayya Sastry, bhaskarabhatla and others participated in the ceremony .

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Babu Bangaram Theatrical Trailer:

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