Shocking News on Kabali climax

Shocking News on Kabali climax? : It's about being heard everywhere kabali. Media, social media, kabaline Trending. So kabali about the news at a small sensation is created. For the climax of the film kabali? Rajani highlights the news has shocked fans.

Kabali first superstars of the story? To hear that Ranjit is currently the director of the film sucincadata negative ending. Rajaniki like it .. that point, the fans expressed doubt whether angikaristoro ... If that is correct only if the director of the film, the climax of the same konasagincadanna talk doing the rounds.

What is the role of the villain .. Rajani klaimaksante negative defeated at the end of the movie ..? Kabali .. or die? Rajnikanth fans accept defeat .. really? This is now a hot topic? Became. Ranjit participation in the film actually had a negative ending ..? Wait until the release must only be the case.follow us for Kabali  movie updates,Kabali  songs, Kabali   releasing date,Kabali  producer statement,Kabali  heroine,Kabali  stills,Kabali u trailer..

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