Nayan follows the quote Solo life is so better

Nayan follows the quote Solo life is so better: The actress has taken sick bobbing in the south than any hero. Either individually, or in terms of acting, she was a sensation. Entry, the star actress Nayan spared. Hero of a side of love, songs of romance, while the other side was a woman posing as a preference for any of the films that will have as a challenge. Earlier sick Anamika, the heroine-oriented films like magic.


In honor of the eponymous depression, delusion producer, provided the buyer  yam. The pull-up for the third time, single-hand image is being prepared. Dora Nayan's latest film. Horror, thriller plot of Chitra shooting this information in an advanced stage. Earlier, featuring a heroine-oriented films that the sick hero in the lead roles, she has a small role. Such  will picture.nayanthara love vignesh shivan.nayanthara love with arya.

Arya Confirms Nayanthara's Love with...?!

There is also the original romance. It is learned that the drama serial murder case in a thrilling every scene. Harish uttaman the role of the police officer, he played the villain  picture of the Sulina Nayan  to intimidate the solo voice. Ramasamy Vivek Das, the film is directed by the music  surrounding the construction of the Chennai film Filming dora. As of September 20, information to complete the construction work.

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