Naveen chandra was the villain in Nani's film:

Naveen chandra was the villain in Nani's film: As a Young Hero: Unbeaten in the super-nanny, Dil Raju confessed to the production of a film. The film will be directed to the fox will trinath film showing the uncle of Fame. Different subject? Intrasting combination with the expected for this movie? Are in the process of setting. Celebrated the role of the villain in the film, currently in pre-production activities are expected to take a Young Hero.

The beauty of the vampire movie actor, best known for the entry to get the Naveen Chandra. Success? Full Star. Even after doing a series of movies .. do not come to the desired level. Nani Naveen Chandra appears in the film in terms of look  plan to take the role of a villain. Naveen career too? Soak the film to see whether any break.

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