Nagarjuna singing and performance for Kotha Kotha Bhasha song

Nagarjuna singing and performance for Kotha Kotha Bhasha song: 'New new new premabhasa language ... .. "Amin said, a child of twelve, and liked to sing the song too much Nagarjuna. A. Amin .. this is not someone else. Rahman's son. "Nirmala Convent, this love song sung for the filmmaker Amin heard Nagarjuna. Describing the elastic love this song was heard again and again. Listening is not the only .. immediately decided to sing this song.

 "Sitaramarajulo 'broom is a mistake, do not look .. irritating cigarette .. nagarjuna sung the song, the song, the audience once again after fifteen  have dinner. The latest song was released on YouTube on Saturday. '' Heart touching love song this beautiful audience, like  hope.

 I like to sing, '' he Nagarjuna. Roshan is the son of one of the leading composer of the song composed by saluri. Srikanth's son Roshan, Shreya Sharma starrer, the film was directed by . Matrix presentation nagarjuna Team Works, Annapurna Studios to produce the picture.

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Nagarjuna singing and performance for Kotha Kotha Bhasha song:

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