Lot of Suggetions and Tips by Shimbu

Lot of Suggetions and Tips by Shimbu: Tips have been told by a lot of Shimbu manjimamohan actress says.  recently that selling imported  beauty. As a result, not a single example of the adage that a picture of the two nuts, Tamil and Telugu languages ​​being introduced. Two famous young hero of romance, as well as simultaneously being actress. The famous film director Mani Ratnam's the beauty of it is very easy to miss the chance of being taken by a landslide. Shimbu  manjimato small meeting  filming ..

Q: Tell us about yourself?
A: I have  Chitra debut. so many films received numerous awards during defecation. Oru vadakkan cayam selphi film became a leading industry. Chitra saw the trailer for this film, he was director of the .

Question: What about your character in the film?
A: I can not say now about the role. Yet say.  girl next door is my role in the film. Even if it is modern. More than understood.

Q: Malayalam and Tamil you too, sweetie?
A: My father was very young shooting. Mother dansarmammutti, Mohanlal, suresgopi, said Dilip all is introduced. Varandaritonu was in as a child actress. So there I was her favorite.  being introduced. Take a little time.

Q: Shimbu playing?
A: Parents lie to get out of angles Shimbu most luminous star known to all. Told me a lot of tips.  Shimbu good way to act in the movie.

Q: What do the characters want?
A: The performance of the had no bounds. Challenging roles interested to do. Tamil audiences love them talented. For those who wish to persuade favorite role.

Q: The film is currently doing?
A:  hook madicuda Mannan starring in the film. The director of Prabhakaran. Satyajyoti Films is producing.

Q: OK means that the Manzil?
A: It means that you beautiful Bengali means

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