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Gangaa zee telugu Serial watch online updates and episodes: Even in current India there exist a few social taboos that don't stop to leave the Indian society. While, one won't not locate these social wrongs in metropolitans, regardless it exists in the insides of India. Youngster marriage is one such thing. 

Zee Telugu 's serial titled Gangaa at the end of the day bring us down to this appalling standards and traditions of society which demonstrates how for the sake of convention, these traditions and customs devastate the life of innocents. 

Meet Ganga, She is a Child Bride Who Lost Her Husband on the Same Day of Her Marriage 

Gangaa is a motherless tyke who was raised by her dad, her Bappa. Right from her initial days, Gangaa is depicted as a solid willed young lady who has a high feeling of fearlessness and self-regard. Her state of mind is much the same as River Ganga who streams regardless of how troublesome her way is. It is this survivor sense that makes her an exceptional child. 

Be that as it may, Ganga is hitched when she is not really 5 years of age. Around the same time both her better half and father kick the bucket in a mob, and she turns into a tyke lady of the hour. The general public no more regards her as a little child however a dowager. She is compelled to live like a dowager. In any case, Gangaa's soul and flexibility guarantee that she battles like a champ. 

Ruhana Khanna is attempting the part of little Ganga 

Niranjan Chaturvedi otherwise known as Neeru Baba is Gangaa's Savior 

A Barrister in Banaras Sessions Court, Niranjan or Neeru Babu is the headman of the Chaturvedi family. Neeru Babu is renowned for his feeling of equity who keeps up an adjusted perspective of the world. Despite the fact that he is dynamic and has a current methodology towards life, he still in some way or another gently lives with his mom who is extremely customary and standard. 

Hiten Tejwani is assuming the part of Niranjan Chaturvedi. He was most recently seen in Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi. Prior, he was found in a few Balaji TV serials including Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kkutumb, Pavitra Rishta and a few others. 

Madhavi Chaturvedi the run of the mill housewife is torn between her dynamic spouse and conventional relative 

Madhavi Chaturvedi, Niranjan's significant other is an adoring mother who is the same as different housewives. Like the greater part of the married ladies even she is torn between her mom and spouse's opposing standpoint towards life. While, her relative is conventional her significant other is extremely dynamic in his methodology. Along these lines, she frequently stays mum on practically on the issues, giving up her feelings more often than not to keep up peace in the house. 

Gungun Uprari is assuming the part of Madhvi. 

The Orthodox Dadi – Kanta Chaturvedi 

Kanta Chaturvedi is the mother of Niranjan Chaturvedi and like said over the old woman is the person who takes after age old custom and conventions religiously. This is the reason at whatever point someone difficulties or breaks the traditions, it pisses her extraordinarily. She too is a dowager having a place with the group of yesteryears landowners. 

Zee telugu Ganga telugu serial today episode watch online:

Sushmita Mukherjee is seen assuming the part of Ammaji. 

At that point there is underhanded Mamiji 

A serial can never keep running without a perfect "vamp" who has all the awful qualities in her. Prabha Mamiji is one such character. She is extremely ravenous, as well as exceptionally narrow minded. In addition, she too has confidence in traditions and custom. We regularly see her stinging the little Gangaa.Rakhi Tandon, the Sweetie of Hum Paanch and Ruby of Sony TV's Muslim show is back in the photo as Prabha Maami.

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