Rajinikanth and Jackie Chan combination Movie Started Soon

Rajinikanth and Jackie Chan combination Movie Started Soon: Indian superstar Rajinikanth - Chinese superstar Jackie Chan film  combination? Currently, the Malaysian media news which  Malaysian producer Mohammad Mohammad  this picture. Designed for large-scale production costs of the film thus the title for the information have been finalized. The Malaysian producer in two  superstars. Sonam Kapoor to star in the film, was asked to lead the Malaysian media also. Saying words to be true, it is certainly a crazy project exclusively. The story revolves around a lagoon Malaysian dragon.

Jackie Chan and Rajinikanth going to make a multi star flim soon as the information on web with in a days shooting will be started and more updates will be given soon.

Rajinikanth and Jackie Chan Movie Updates Online:

Are key roles in several popular Malaysian stars. Norway, India, China, Indonesia, Thailand and data In fact, four years ago, this film. But, at the time the budget say the effort. 90 per cent to 90 per cent of the English language, the film will be, taking graphics. But this film really  The short answer to the question.

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