Oka Manasu Telugu Movie Review, Niharika, Naga Shourya Updates

Oka Manasu Telugu Movie Review, Niharika, Naga Shourya Updates:

Title: Oka Manasu
Janar: Romantic Drama
Cast: nagasaurya, nebula, ravu Ramesh, progress
Music: Sunil Kashyap
Direction: Yes, sir
Producer: Madhura Sridhar Reddy

Well, sort of boom in recent years, the same line of succession from the entry. The daughter is happening, the host of several TV shows nebulae is already recognized, the heroine of the film for the first time in a mind? As was introduced. The first mega-heiress impressed  on the screen ..? Success is the heroine.
The story: Sun (nagasaurya) settled in Vijayanagara in the hope of becoming a politician? Enhancements to the sort of rotating. A day in the sun, because the sun's uncle MLA sun-winning father (Rao Ramesh). Vizianagaram house surgeon? Doing the Sandhya (nebulae), love at first sight of the sun. After the introduction of the two turns into love. At the same time, a large settlement for its political purposes? Apartment willing nagasaurya falls into trouble. The court case is jammed due to the treachery of three years in prison. After the bail when the case is going to be hunting. Sandhya once again gets close to the sun in such situations. But this time for the fulfillment of his father's dream is to want to distance sandhya permanently. After dusk, the sun actually came from.? Sun agreed to leave the twilight ..? There is the rest of the story.

Oka Manasu Movie Theatrical Cinema Trailer Online:

Starring: So far, the lover boy roles, the film appeared slightly Performance nagasaurya To the scope of the appearance. Especially in the second half? The dream of the father, a man torn between the love of the girl showed good performance. Merino nebula for the first time on screen. By the looks of the graceful appearance of the nebula, in terms of performance received the expected level. Ravu Ramesh impressed once again in the role of father. The quest for the father of the future performance ravu son Ramesh, the film was a plus. Srinivas needs as a friend, to the extent enjoined Vennela Kishore small role in the comedy.

Technical experts: The heroine of nebulae? Yes, sir, as to pick up the film director who has created a huge hype, once again tried to entertaining the audience with his Marc taking. The first half is a bit slow .. Rich visuals, the music is impressive, the film director, who led most of the words between the hero and the heroine, it would be nice if the focus more on dialogue. Sunil Kashyap's music, background music, lyrics Ramajogayya Shastri impressive. Ram Reddy's cinematography is very good. The beauty of the beach in Vizag, Araku shown more beautiful greenery. Good production values.

Plus points:
Main Story
Pre climax

Minus Points:
Slow naresan

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